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Founder of Chess First
Oleg Borkin

In 2017

We opened our first chess club Chess First

Right now our federal network includes more than 25 clubs in several cities of Russia.
Our mission is to make children fall in love with chess from a very young age, because it is they who develop the child's intellect to the maximum. In 2019, we launched the largest online school in Europe, CHESSFIRST.ONLINE, so that every child and adult can get a quality chess education with the best coaches in the country.

The benefits of chess

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According to the observations of parents, after 2 months of classes, 92% of the students of our school improved their academic
performance at school
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Alice started studying chess at a secondary school and, to her surprise, she really liked it, but somehow I didn’t have enough of it and I looked at various chess schools. It seemed to me that I had finally found it, but traveling even twice a week with our schedule is simply unrealistic... but a miracle happened and I found out that they had opened an online chess school! We tried it and my first impression is amazing! I love professionals! I listened with bated breath, not just a teacher, but also an artist! Alice was very pleased and kept her attention for 45 minutes, which is difficult for her temperament, but all the adults who involuntarily heard the lesson said that they would not refuse to learn themselves ))) I sincerely recommend it to everyone interested!

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Our advantages

Studying in our online school


1. We teach according to our patented


2. We are tracking the effectiveness
of classes


3. We hold the largest
online tournaments


4. We hire coaches based on
the age and temperament of the student


5. Optimal prices - the cost
individual lessons from 13 euro

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